Coaching & Training: Our Methods

Lyz’s methods are based in the principles of equine behaviour, biomechanics, and structural alignment. Students of all levels and disciplines with all types of horses are welcome. From the green beginner to the experienced rider, Dynamic Balance can help you improve communication with your horse.

Many riding problems can also be solved with groundwork and Lyz is experienced in these areas too.

Lyz training a horse with a ball

Lyz giving a treat to a horse


What to expect during a coaching or training session:

Some time will be spent discussing your general and specific goals, long and short term. There will be a general plan for learning progression in each session but, as with all things animal related, the horse’s needs will dictate the specifics.

You will be given exercises to work on between sessions. Your dedication to the ‘homework’ will determine some of your progress. Learning happens with and without your coach! Lyz’s focus is to cultivate independent learners. She sees herself as a facilitator, rather than a dictator and your commitment to learning will determine the pace of your progress.

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