Consultation Rates

Our base consulting rate is $55 per hour.

If you are a regular student or alignment client (lessons at least monthly, adjustments three times a year or more), this service is offered free of charge.

Travel fees

Travel fees are currently under reassessment.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Dynamic Balance does its very best to accommodate all schedules without burning out. While we are usually booked solid a week in advance we will often attempt to shuffle appointments to fit those in need in. When you cancel, especially after another booking has been changed to fit you in, it causes stress and conflict to the often overbooked schedule, taking away our ability to get to other clients or cutting into our finite and limited downtime. There is a cancellation fee in place for late changes as a last minute gap usually cannot be filled. Please, please, consider these things when you book appointments…and when you cancel them.


Cancellation fees are $40 per cancellation, $55 per no show.

Rescheduling can be accommodated without fee if enough notice (more than 48 hours in most cases) is given and the new appointment is within 7 days of the original appointment.

Structural Alignment is NOT a replacement for veterinary care. When in doubt, call a vet!